What We Do

We conduct individual as well as small community firearm buy-back programs and pursue donations activities throughout the country. We also receive and dispose of unwanted firearms nationally, in a full time systematic manner which is self-sustaining and requires less government funding or none at all than previous “Gun Buy Back” programs required. Also, during these events we will offer free firearms safety courses which will educate individuals on personal and home safety best practices. This course will be conducted for any interested person and will be coordinated with local law enforcement and community leaders.

National Center for Unwanted Firearms offers 3 programs:

  • Destroy the unwanted firearm and process the appropriate paperwork should the owner requests destruction, the weapon is unsuitable for repurposing due to condition or type, or has no historical value.

  • Repurpose to Law Enforcement if the weapon is suitable for law enforcement use and is in safe working condition after inspection by our firearms specialists. The firearm will then be made available according to Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives

  • Preserve Antique and Historical Firearms. We do occasionally acquire firearms that may be historically significant. If the condition warrants, historical firearms that are received, evaluated, and inspected by our firearms specialist will be donated or loaned to appropriate museums where citizens can appreciate them.